Updating gatherer without losing nodes sex dating in ambler pennsylvania

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Updating gatherer without losing nodes

The addon does not track like a tracking ability does, rather it "remembers" where you have found various items in the past. You should be extremely wary of obtaining Gatherer from any other location. More than 600 nodes is too great a strain on the UI (although they are recycled when changing maps).Also is there any specific folders I should be backing up if I want to keep settings etc?3.1.16 ======== Version Issue List: - GATH-121: Druid Flight Forms now count as a mount for the purposes of the HUD's "Hide while ..." options - GATH-150: fixed that nodes were not displaying in the report view when no search string was entered - GATH-149: HUD was using it's own icon set to display nodes, changed it to use the icons from Gatherer itself - GATH-143: added a slash command to enable/disable all Gatherer plugins (ie. - GATH-147: World Map note tooltips work once again - GATH-139: Gatherer will no longer prevent the "World Map Ping" from being displayed 3.1.14 ======== Version Issue List: - GATH-137: update Gatherer for new Hrothgar's Landing zone added in Wo W 3.2 3.1.13 ======== Version Issue List: - GATH-104: update object name translations for the new names of Northrend ores in Wo W 3.0.8 - GATH-90: fixed stuttering HUD for fps = 100 - GATH-128: added custom icons for Northrend Ores and the most common Northrend Herbs 3.1.12 ======== Version Issue List: - GATH-127: update to a Wo W 3.1 compatible version of Astrolabe 3.1.11 ======== Version Issue List: - GATH-111: fixed a problem with the drop rates conversion code 3.1.10 ======== Version Issue List: - GATH-102: Add Northrend areas to the Gatherer Report Search window - GATH-106: adjust old statistics to bring them close to the "reality" for the Wo W 3.0.8 mining changes - GATH-105: support es MX locale by using es ES object names as they are currently the same - GATH-55: Display notice about gatherables window in confirm popup.The best thing to do is copy the from the ..\Worldof Warcraft\WTF\Account\Saved Variables directory on your "primary computer" to that location on your other computer.When you have completed playing on the second machine, simply copy that file back to the "primary computer".

New in this release:* Updates for Wo W 7.2* Fixes issue with tracking selector There are some known issues with this release:* The cursor will sometimes show a green square rather than a proper gathering icon.

This addon will provide you with all the information currently in the Wowhead database showing all known locations of herbs, minerals and treasures.

Now you can simply load up Gatherer, plug this database into it, and know what can be found in the zone you are in, without having to discover them yourself.

Archived from groups: alt.games.warcraft (More info? )I recently reinstalled the game, and lost all its info.

I kinda knew this though as when I updated my mods it would still have the mapnotes and gatherer locations etc, so obviously no info is stored in /addon/gatherer.

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The Oracle is a database of every printed Magic card and its current wording.

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